Support Our Homebound Seniors During COVID-19


Our food drive is focusing to help the home-bound low-income Lake Forest Park-Shoreline senior citizens. Scouts BSA Troop 309 is working in conjunction  the Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Senior Center to distribute food during the COVID-19 outbreak. This project is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Lake Forest Park.

Our target is to supply and enable the delivery of food and supplies to needy, homebound seniors.  The Senior Center is the primary agency to support these citizens during the COVID-19 crisis and is getting calls everyday adding to their list of homebound seniors in need.
    You may also give a monetary donation by clicking the "Donate Now" button.  All funds will support COVID-19 food and supply programs for the most needy in Lake Forest Park/Shoreline.
     All donations go directly to the of Lake Forest Park Rotary Charitable Foundation who will disperse it to the Senior Center and other Emergency COVID 19 Food and Supply Services. Your gift is a charitable 501 (c)3 donation.

Thank you for your support.

Preferred Items:

*Individual servings if possible*

Snacks including peanuts



Canned or Dried Fruit


Canned Vegetables


Canned Meals (Soup,Chili,Stew)

Dried Soups


Shelf Stable Milk

Gluten-Free Items

The COVID19 Food and Supply Drive is an Eagle Scout Project organized and operated by Andrew W, who is an Eagle Scout Candidate in Troop 309.  An Eagle Scout Project is a project planned and organized by a Scout as his or her nearly last requirement to obtain Eagle Scout in Scouts BSA.  Andrew's Eagle Project is sponsored by the Rotary Club of LFP to primarily benefit the Shoreline/Lake Forest Park Senior Center.


We are collecting donations in collection containers at the following location:

The container is emptied regularly and transported to the Senior Center.

Please know that all food is sanitized at the Senior Center to protect volunteers and seniors.

We thank Ballinger Thriftway for their willingness to host our collection sites.